Alaska Railroad Service

Q: I have booked a cruise from Vancouver to Anchorage and I would like to return to Vancouver via your famous Alaska Rail. Please let me know the schedule and fares for travel between Anchorage and Vancouver.

A: The Alaska Railroad service is only operated in Alaska. There is train service daily between Anchorage and Seward and between Anchorage and Fairbanks during the summer months. The Alaska Railroad does not offer any other service to include your requested route between Vancouver and Alaska. The best option for traveling back to Vancouver would be by air.

I would recommend that you stay an additional few days after your cruise to take the Alaska Railroad to Denali. It is a nice addition to your week long cruise to Alaska. The interior of Alaska is much different than your cruise and offers even more chances to see our magnificent beauty as well as some of our big game wildlife. We offer some great post-cruise vacation packages to explore more of Alaska.

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