Anchorage Car Rentals

Q: I understand that it’s much cheaper to pick up rental cars in Anchorage, rather than the airport. Are the rental car locations easy to get to from most of the downtown hotels?

A: When you pick up rental cars at the airport you have to pay the airport concession tax. The daily rate for the cars is the same if you pick them up at the airport or if you pick them up at an off airport office. The tax at the airport is 29% while at an off airport location it is 18%. We use Thrifty Rental cars and their off airport office is about 3 miles from the airport. If you are staying at a downtown hotel the Thrifty office will pick you up. If you arrive at the airport and would like to pick up your car immediately, we recommend that you take a taxi from the airport to the rental location. If you use the Thrifty shuttle from the airport you have to pay the airport tax rate.

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