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Mike M

Mike was born and raised in Anchorage and is currently attending the University of Alaska Anchorage, where he is working towards a Bachelors' of Arts in Sociology. Mike has worked for Alaska Tour & Travel for four years. An avid outdoorsman, he spends his free time fishing, hunting, downhill skiing, snow machining, and riding motorcycles. He is always trying to discover a new part of the state and a thereby a new adventure. Mike loves exploring the Alaska Highway system utilizing it in his search for a new trail to hike, stream or lake to fish, or a new town to explore. He believes the most amazing thing about Alaska is that even from Anchorage, you can drive less than an hour and be in spectacular wilderness and openness of Alaska. His favorite part of working for Alaska Tour & Travel is helping people have the trip of a lifetime to Alaska. Mike's favorite areas of the state are Seward and the area between the Talkeetna Mountains and the Alaska Range known as South Denali.

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