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Best Transportation Options between Denali Park and Anchorage

Q: My family and I are planning a trip to Alaska this summer. In researching vacation packages online I see that some companies seem to recommend traveling between Anchorage and Denali Park roundtrip by train, while others recommend roundtrip by motorcoach. I notice that you offer both train and motorcoach options. Can you help us choose which will be best for us? We also want to go to Seward and Kenai Fjords National Park.

A: We recommend vacation packages [1] using a combination of both rail and motorcoach. Generally, travelers fly into Anchorage so we suggest taking the train to Denali and then returning to Anchorage by bus. Our packages are completely customizable so you can reverse that itinerary if you want. The combination of motorcoach and rail gives you the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the scenery offered by both the rail belt and the roadway routes. On the train [2], enjoy wandering between the cars and take advantage of the dining experience. The Park Connection Motorcoach [3] offers a faster, less expensive option and offers photo stops which is not an option on the train! Another great advantage of the motorcoach is that you can travel between Denali and Seward in one day. On your return to Anchorage from Seward, we recommend you travel by train as that trip is one of the most beautiful on the Alaska rail system and follows a completely different route than the road.