Fishing in Denali

Q: We are staying in Denali. Is there inexpensive fishing there? At Wonder Lake?

A: For a local guide outfit at Denali Park I would suggest contacting Denali Fly Fishing Guides. They offer fishing in several fresh water lakes and tributaries near Denali. Fishing isn’t offered at Wonder Lake or anywhere within the National Park. All the fishing in the Denali area would be for species of Trout. If you are interested in Salmon fishing I would recommend the Talkeetna area which is a few hours south of Denali Park.

Copper River Fishing

Q: I would like to fish on the Copper River for silver salmon. Do I need a guide?

A: The Copper River is great for fishing. Without knowing the area I would encourage you to hire a guide service. It can be a dangerous river due to the swift current and some of the best fishing areas are not accessible by car. Having a boat is a more desirable way to access excellent fishing grounds. We recommend Alaska River Wranglers.

Salmon Fishing

Q: We will be coming to Anchorage next summer. Where is the best salmon fishing?

A: The best salmon fishing really depends on the year and what species you hope to fish for. We recommend Talkeetna Fishing Guides if you are heading north of Anchorage. They will fish for whatever species of salmon is in season while you are visiting.

Generally, the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers are very good for King Salmon fishing. The Russian River is the most popular fishing spot for Red Salmon. I recommend saltwater fishing out of Seward as the best place for silver salmon. If you just want to fish in Anchorage itself, give Ship Creek near the Anchorage Rail depot.

Alaska Vacations for Him and Her

Q: I am looking for a vacation around Anchorage where my husband can charter a boat to go fishing and I can stay in a nice big comfortable hotel where they have sightseeing tours and other things to do. Suggestions?

A: I would recommend trips to Seward and Talkeetna. Seward, is just 120 south of Anchorage and offers ample fishing opportunites and great tour opportunities for you. We recommend that you contact Saltwater Safaris for fishing trips. After a few days in Seward, I would suggest heading to Talkeetna, about two hours north of Anchorage. This area would offer river fishing for your husband and a flightseeing trip for you, not to mention a stay at the wonderful Talkeetna Alaska Lodge.

Klutina River King Salmon Fishing

Q: When is the best season for king fishing on the Klutina River?

A: For more information about fishing in the Klutina River I would suggest contacting a fishing guide outfit in the Copper Center area.

Men Fish While Women Shop in Alaska

Q: Is there a place for the men to fish and our wives to go shopping?

A: I would recommend stops in Anchorage, Seward or Talkeetna. They each offer different fishing opportunities as well as different choices for the wives activities. In Anchorage, the men can choose a fly in fishing trip or try their luck for salmon in Ship Creek in downtown Anchorage. If the fishing trip is on a Saturday, the wives can spend their day at the Saturday Market in downtown or if on another day they can roam the gift shops and mall all located in walking distance of our downtown Anchorage hotels. In Talkeetna, located two hours north of Anchorage, the men could take a half day guided fishing trip and the wives could take a flightseeing trip with a glacier landing. Another great option would be a halibut fishing charter in Seward Alaska for the men and a glacier and wildlife cruise for the wives. Alaska vacations offer something for everyone to enjoy!

Seward Fish Processing

Q: We will be salmon fishing in Seward this summer. Is there somewhere we trade some of our fresh caught salmon for smoked salmon?

A: We’re not familiar with any company that would trade fish for some of their smoked product. Generally speaking, they have to package, smoke, or can the fish or game that you give them. However, there may be some exceptions which we’re not aware of. I’d recommend contacting the following resources to get the best information on what your options would be. The Fish House in Seward is a local Seward business that has been around for years and probably has the best understanding of the fishing charter activity in Seward. Alaska Sausage & Seafood is an Anchorage business that I personally use for packaging and smoking our salmon.

Alaska Halibut Fishing

Q: Is it possible to plan a halibut trip while on a land and sea cruise?

A: There are many great destinations for halibut fishing in Alaska. While on the cruise, halibut fishing is available in Juneau and Ketchikan. You can check the shore excursions offered by your cruise line for fishing trips that coordinate with the ships port schedule. While on the land portion of your trip, halibut fishing is available in Seward and Homer. We recommend the Seward Fish House. We do not book any halibut fishing excursions but Alaska Tour & Travel can create a land package that coordinates with your cruise and can include stays in Homer or Seward to accommodate the fishing trip.

Fly Fishing Southeast Alaska

Q: We are cruising southbound from Seward, stopping in Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan for a day each. We are looking for a fly fishing experience. What do you suggest?

A: We recommend Bear Creek Outfitters. They offer a fly in, fly fishing experience out of Juneau and have an excellent reputation.

Alaska Fishing License

Q: I will be visiting Alaska in June. What is the price of a fishing license?

A: A non-resident fishing license varies in price depending on how long you would like the license for. A non-resident one day fishing license is $20. If you are going to fish for kings, there is an additional $10 stamp you must purchase. Visit the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for additional license information.

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