When to visit Alaska

Q: We were planning to come in March but everything I see online talks about the summer months. What time of the year is the best time to come?

A: The most popular time of year to come to Alaska is during the summer travel season from mid May to mid September. We specialize in summer travel to Alaska. Check out our blog on what each month has to offer.

For winter travel information check with the Anchorage and Fairbanks visitors sites and the Northern Alaska tour company website.

Road to Exit Glacier

Q: Is the road to Exit Glacier open yet for travel so that we can hike up to the glacier?

A: The road to Exit Glacier is currently closed for cars until May 25th. The Park Service does not maintain the road in the winter months(snow plowing) so it is difficult to get there by car. Depending on the snow fall for the season the road may be open but the trail may still be covered in snow making for a difficult hike. Please Visit Kenai Fjords National Park site on Exit Glacier as well as a company that provides snow coaches to the glacier as a tour.

Talkeetna in April

Q: Is the Talkeetna Alaska Lodge open April 29? Is flight seeing available then?

A: I’m sorry the lodge is closed until May 20th but flight seeing is available in Talkeetna year around. We highly recommend K2 Aviation. You can easily drive to Talkeetna for the day and return to Anchorage after the flight. Another option would be to check on Talkeetna area bed & breakfasts to see if they are open in April.

Northern Lights Viewing in Fairbanks

Q: I will be flying into Fairbanks in March. I want to rent a car and drive outside the city to watch the Northern Lights. How far do I need to drive and what is the best road to take so I can pull off and watch them? Are there designated viewing areas?

A: There aren’t any “designated” viewing areas. The key to finding a good location is to find a place where lights from Fairbanks aren’t affecting the darkness of the sky above you. There are many areas in the Fairbanks area which are good viewing areas…assuming the Northern Lights are out. Another suggestion is to find an area which sits up a little higher than the lights from the city such as the Birch Hill Recreation Area. Better yet, ask the hotel where you are staying at for their suggestions. Many of the hotels will also wake you up when the Northern Lights are out.

Here are a couple blogs we did on the Northern Lights and Fairbanks that you may find useful: Alaska’s Northern Lights and A Winter Visit to Fairbanks.

Transportation Options in October

Q: What transportation options are available within Alaska in October?

A: The best form of transportation in Alaska during the month of October would be rental car. The daily train and bus services stop operating in mid September so a car will be your only option throughout Southcentral Alaska. Flights are available between Anchorage and Fairbanks and some smaller Alaskan communities.

Whittier in April

Q: We are staying in Anchorage and would like to do a day trip to Whittier on the 1st April 2012. Would this be possible by bus?

A: There are no buses or trains that operate tours to Whittier in April. I would recommend renting a car and driving to Whittier. The Whittier tunnel is open from 7:00am to 10:45pm during the winter months and is goes into Whittier on the half hour.

Alaska in October

Q: What do you think about Alaska in October?

A: I’m assuming you are considering traveling to Alaska in October. It’s a tough time of year to come as Autumn has come and gone, but winter isn’t necessarily upon us fully yet. Temperatures will be near or under freezing and daylight hours are dwindling. Most of the summer tour companies shut down by mid-September, and in October the winter activities will not be available yet. Fishing is also done for the season if that is an interest.

Ultimately, whether it is a good time to come to Alaska depends on what you are seeking to do. Please visit our blog for our recommendations on the best time to visit Alaska.

Iditarod Tours

Q: Do you offer any tour packages for watching parts of the Iditarod?

A: We do not offer any tours during the winter. For winter tours including the Iditarod, I would suggest contacting Salmon Berry Tours based in Anchorage. They have a good reputation and can set you up with a tour and viewing of the Iditarod. Premier Tours also offers an escorted winter tour that includes the Iditarod.

Best Months to Come to Anchorage

Q: What are the best months to come to Anchorage?

A: The best time to come to Anchorage depends on what you want to see and do. If you are considering a winter trip to Anchorage, you would want to schedule your trip around the start of the Iditarod which is the beginning of March. If you are planning a summer vacation, most tours start operating around the middle of May and run until early to mid-September. Peak travel season months are June and July.

Northern Lights

Q: When is the best time to visit to view the northern lights? Where in Alaska is the best viewing?

A: The northern lights are definitely more visible during the winter months and the best place to visit would be Fairbanks. A company in Fairbanks called the Northern Alaska Tour Company does specific trips around the northern lights. Their website might be helpful in deciding when the more active times of the year would be and also to assist in booking a trip to view them.

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