Rail from Whittier, Alaska

Q: We will be arriving in Whittier on a cruise ship, Saturday, August 23rd, at 12:30 a.m. Is there a Saturday train scheduled from Whittier to Anchorage?

A: Your cruise will arrive at 12:30am, however they will not start disembarkation until later that morning. The train from Whittier to Anchorage does not leave until 6:45pm. If you want to get to Anchorage earlier we have a motorcoach that would leave directly from the cruise ship dock at 9:45am.

Whittier to Seward Transportation

Q: We need to travel from Whittier to Seward after we leave our cruise ship there. Is there a bus service to Seward, and if so, what times are available?

A: There is no direct transportation service from Whittier to Seward. The only way to get to Seward after a Whittier cruise ship arrival would be to take our 9:45am Park Connection bus from Whittier to Anchorage and then that afternoon take our 3:00pm bus from Anchorage to Seward.

Cruise Ship Connections

Q: Do you pick up from the ports if I am also doing a cruise in addition to your land tour?

A: We customize land packages and are able to coordinate with a cruise ship arrival or departure from here in South central Alaska. We offer port departures in both Seward and Whittier.

Seward Train to Anchorage

Q: We are arriving in Seward by cruise ship. How long does the train take from Seward to Anchorage?

A: The train from Seward to Anchorage takes 4 hours and departs Seward at 6:00pm. Passengers generally disembark the ship between 7:30am and 9:30am. There are a number of Seward day tours you could do during the day before boarding the train to Anchorage. If you prefer to leave Seward earlier in the day the Park Connection motorcoach departs from Seward at 10:30am and arrives in Anchorage at 1:30pm. If you are on a Royal Caribbean cruise the Park Connection departs from the cruise ship dock at 9:45am and arrives into Anchorage at 12:30pm. The motorcoach drops off at the airport or the Anchorage Museum downtown.

Fairbanks to Vancouver

Q: How can I get from Fairbanks to Vancouver BC without driving or flying?

A: I would recommend taking the Alaska Railroad between Fairbanks and Whittier and a 7-day Alaska cruise between Whittier and Vancouver. You would need two days to do the rail travel with an overnight in Anchorage. The rail from Fairbanks to Anchorage is a twelve hour trip arriving into Anchorage at about 8pm. The next morning you could take the rail from Anchorage to Whittier to board the cruise ship.

Alaska Cruise from Vancouver

Q: Does a 7 day cruise from Vancouver to Alaska return to Vancouver?

A: There are two types of cruises, Inside Passage cruises and Gulf of Alaska cruises. Inside Passage cruises are round trip out of Vancouver and generally visit Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway and Glacier Bay. The Gulf of Alaska cruises are one way, start in Vancouver and visit the same ports but continue onto either Seward or Whittier. The benefit of the one way cruise is that you can add a land package that allows you to visit Denali National Park. Alaska is a big state so you don’t get the whole experience by visiting only Southeast Alaska.

Luggage Allowance on Alaska Bus

Q: We are travelling from Seward to Denali National Park by motorcoach in June. What is the luggage allowance on the bus?

A: The baggage allowance on the Park Connection Motorcoach is 2 bags per person. Additional luggage fees would apply to bicycles and fish boxes.

Seward Car Rental

Q: We arrive by cruise ship in Seward in June. Can I hire a car in Seward, drive the car around Alaska for 6 days and leave the car in Anchorage? If not, how can we get to Anchorage to hire a car?

A: You can rent a car in Seward and drop it off in Anchorage with Hertz, however it is fairly expensive. I would suggest taking our Park Connection Motorcoach into Anchorage and rent a car there. Be sure to look at the post cruise land packages we offer.  These packages could be customized to fit your time frame.

Park Connection Passport

Q: If we purchase the Park Connection passport when would we receive the bus passport? Would we need to rent a car if we have this passport?

A: The Park connection Passport is not a physical passport that is mailed to you. To utilize this special you would need to book the bus transfers in advance. Click here for more detailed information on the passport. If you have the passport and are doing all your travels within a week to the locations the bus service operates you would most likely not need a rental car.

Alaska Rail Service

Q: Is there a train that leaves Seattle, goes to Denali and returns to Seattle?

A: Unfortunately there is no rail service that travels from Seattle to Alaska. The Alaska Railroad runs from Fairbanks in the interior of Alaska to Anchorage in southcentral Alaska. They also have rail service between Anchorage and the coastal cities of Seward and Whittier. The only way to travel from the continental U.S. to Alaska is by flying, taking a 7+ day cruise or driving the Alcan Highway through Canada.

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