Meals on Denali and Kenai Fjords Tour Package

Q: Are there any meals included in the Denali Park and Kenai Fjords Combo tour?

A: Generally speaking, most of the land packages on our website are self-guided and do not include meals, however two activities on the Denali Park and Kenai Fjords vacation package include a meal. The Kantishna Wilderness trails tour and the Kenai Fjords day cruise include meals.

Aurora Borealis Alaska

Q: When is the best time to see the aurora borealis?

A: The best time to view the aurora borealis (also known as the northern lights) is during the winter months in Fairbanks, Alaska. However, if you want to see the wildlife in Denali National Park and the glaciers of Kenai Fjords National Park in addition to the aurora borealis then I would recommend visiting Alaska in early to mid-September. We offer a tour to the Arctic Circle from Fairbanks that would offer you the best opportunity to see the northern lights.

Denali Rail and Bus Tour

Q: We are planning a trip to Alaska in July. Can we ride the railway to Denali then take the tour bus from there? And if so, should we make reservations now for the day we want to go or can we just take the tour that day from entrance to park?

A: You would be able to take the train to Denali and then take a bus tour into the park however not all in one day. We recommend at least two nights in Denali – arrive by train, overnight, take a full day bus tour into the Denali National Park, overnight and then depart by bus or train the following day. I would suggest booking the train, hotel, and tour all in advance because availability is starting to become limited.

Kantishna Roadhouse Transportation

Q: Is the only way to the Kantishna Roadhouse on a bus or is there flight service?

A: The local air taxi in Kantishna is called Kantishna Air Taxi. They offer flights to and from Kantishna from the Denali Park entrance, Fairbanks, and Anchorage. If you are staying at the Kantishna Roadhouse, we recommend taking the bus to the Roadhouse and returning to the park entrance by air!

Anchorage Motorcoach Drop Offs

Q: I understand that the motorcoach from Denali to Anchorage goes to downtown Anchorage. Does it also continue to the airport?

A: The Park Connection motorcoach service to Anchorage does drop off at the Anchorage airport. However, downtown is always the first drop off in Anchorage. The downtown drop off location for the morning departure from Denali is the Anchorage Museum and for the afternoon departure, the motorcoach drops off at the Anchorage Egan Center before continuiing on to the airport.

Denali September 2016

Q: When does Denali National Park close for the summer season in 2016?

A: The summer season in Denali starts to wind down about September 10th. Full day Park tours end on September 13th but you can still go 30 miles into the park by bus through September 16th. The last night that we have available for a Denali hotel is September 17th and the final rail departure from Denali is September 18th.

Alaska Travel Reservations

Q: How far in advance should I book my trip to Alaska?

A: We recommend confirming your reservation prior to the New Year for the best availability. The peak of our reservation season is January and February. Reservations continue through the travel season however, the earlier you book the better chance of getting the hotels and tours that you want, particularly in Denali.

Alaska Railroad to Denali

Q: Does the Alaska Railroad offer a one day round trip to Denali and back to Anchorage?

A: The Alaska Railroad does not offer a round trip train service to Denali. The one way trip is 8 hours long, departing Anchorage at 8:00am and arriving at 4:00pm. The train returns the following day, departing Denali at 12:25pm and arriving back in Anchorage about 8:00pm. You can take a round trip train from Anchorage to Talkeetna, which is on the south side of Denali Park and an excellent location to see Mt. McKinley if the weather is clear.  See our blog for information on a great day trip to Talkeetna!

Alaska Accommodations

Q: Do you have accommodations (cabins) that can handle a party of 7 ?

A: All of the cabins and hotels we sell in Denali National Park will only accommodate a maximum of four guests. You may want to consider booking two cabins or two rooms.

Denali in September

Q: We will be in Denali on September 14th, 2014. Will the Denali dinner theater be open at this time? If not, what is available to do in the evening for entertainment?

A: The Cabin Night Dinner stops operating on September 2nd. The other evening activities we offer are ATV Adventures and Husky Homestead Kennel Tour.

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