Bear Viewing in Alaska

Q: We are interested in seeing bears catching salmon. Is there a place we can see this without flying to it?

A: For the greatest concentration of bears catching salmon, fly-in trips are your best bet. These fly in trips take you to areas where the salmon populations are large so it naturally is attracting the bears. The most well known would be Katmai National Park or the Lake Clark Preserve area and there are no roads, so flying is the only option. Both are accessible on day trips from Anchorage. We recommend the Redoubt Bay trip in the Lake Clark Reserve.

Bears can be spotted in many places throughout South Central and Interior parts of Alaska. An area to consider would be to go to Denali National Park. There are grizzly bears, moose, caribou, and other big game wildlife within the national park area. These bears would not be feeding off the salmon but they do live within the national park area. We recommend the Kantishna Wilderness Trails tour as it travels the entire length of the Park Road and gives you the best opportunity to see wildlife.

You can also see bears on the Kenai Peninsula along the Kenai River area or other rivers and waterways where the salmon are running but the chance of being in the right place at the right time is slim.