Alaska Camping Tours

Q: Do you offer guided camping tours?

A: Camping tours are not something that we offer at Alaska Tour & Travel. We focus on customized vacation packages that include transportation, hotels and tours. Alaska Alpine Adventures offers a variety of hiking and camping tours in Alaska.

Transportation between Anchorage and Denali

Q: What is the cost to get to Denali from Anchorage?

A: The Park Connection Motorcoach runs 2 daily services from Anchorage to Denali. The morning departure is $80 and the afternoon departure is $90. The railroad offers multiple classes of service and departs once daily from Anchorage at 8:15am. The Standard Class is $150 per adult and the Gold Star Dome service is $235 per adult. You can also book the McKinley Explorer Rail, which is very similar to the Gold Star Dome but at a lesser cost of $218.00 per adult.

Seward Car Rental

Q: We arrive by cruise ship in Seward in June. Can I hire a car in Seward, drive the car around Alaska for 6 days and leave the car in Anchorage? If not, how can we get to Anchorage to hire a car?

A: You can rent a car in Seward and drop it off in Anchorage with Hertz, however it is fairly expensive. I would suggest taking our Park Connection Motorcoach into Anchorage and rent a car there. Be sure to look at the post cruise land packages we offer.  These packages could be customized to fit your time frame.

Anchorage or Fairbanks?

Q: Which city would be the best to fly to and use as a hub to visit Alaska – Fairbanks or Anchorage?

A: Anchorage offers a wider variety of airlines and flight options and therefore often leads to cheaper airfares. One option would be to fly into Fairbanks and fly out of Anchorage or vice versa. This leads to less “backtracking” and most airfares now are based on one way fares rather than offering discounts for traveling roundtrip! We have vacation packages that begin in Fairbanks and end in Anchorage.

If you are looking to base yourself in one city and just do day trips I would recommend flying in and out of Anchorage.

Park Connection Passport

Q: If we purchase the Park Connection passport when would we receive the bus passport? Would we need to rent a car if we have this passport?

A: The Park connection Passport is not a physical passport that is mailed to you. To utilize this special you would need to book the bus transfers in advance. Click here for more detailed information on the passport. If you have the passport and are doing all your travels within a week to the locations the bus service operates you would most likely not need a rental car.

Alaska Rail Service

Q: Is there a train that leaves Seattle, goes to Denali and returns to Seattle?

A: Unfortunately there is no rail service that travels from Seattle to Alaska. The Alaska Railroad runs from Fairbanks in the interior of Alaska to Anchorage in southcentral Alaska. They also have rail service between Anchorage and the coastal cities of Seward and Whittier. The only way to travel from the continental U.S. to Alaska is by flying, taking a 7+ day cruise or driving the Alcan Highway through Canada.

Alaska Tour Departure Dates

Q: Where can I find the departure dates of your tours?

A: You can select the start date for the package you are interested in, and any of our packages can be modified to suit your needs. There is not a specific date you start the package on, it’s up to you. The vacation packages are customizable land packages that operate from mid May through mid September.

Seward Luggage Storage

Q: We will be debarking from our cruise in Seward. The train doesn’t depart for Anchorage until 6pm. Is there somewhere we can store our luggage while doing a little sightseeing?

A: The train depot in Seward opens at 10:00am and you can check your luggage at that time. If you do one of the Kenai Fjords Day Tours the operating company will store your luggage and then take you to the depot.

Anchorage to Chena Hot Springs

Q: I want to go from Anchorage to Chena Hot Springs. I’ve already been to Denali and points in between. How do you suggest I travel?

A: You have several options depending on your schedule, your preferred mode of transportation and the number of nights you would like to spend in Fairbanks.

The most direct route is to rent a car in Anchorage and drive to Chena Hot Springs. The Chena Hot springs are located about an hour and a half from Fairbanks on the Chena Hot Springs Road. The drive between Anchorage and Fairbanks is 360 miles and will take about 6-7 hours. It is 419 miles total between Anchorage and Chena Hot Springs.

I would recommend either flying into Fairbanks (50 minute flight) or taking the train from Anchorage. The train ride is beautiful but takes about twelve hours. We offer a day tour to Chena Hot Springs and the Ice Museum. This tour departs from local hotels at about 11:30am and returns to Fairbanks at 6:30pm. It includes narration in route and entrance to the Ice Museum and the hot springs. Snacks and lunch are available at the resort’s restaurant. If you take the train, you would need to spend two nights in Fairbanks. If you fly, this trip could be done as a day trip from Anchorage if you could get an early morning flight to Fairbanks and a later departure back to Anchorage.

Bike Transportation to Denali

Q: Are any of your buses equipped to transport fully assembled bicycles from Anchorage to Denali Park?

A: Our Park Connection Motorcoach service can transport fully assembled bicycles, however there is a $50 fee and it is based on luggage space available. If you plan on traveling to Denali with a bike you will need to book in advance and be sure to have the bike transportation noted on your reservation.

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