Cruise to Dutch Harbor

Q: I would like to take a cruise to Dutch Harbor and the Pribilof Islands. Can you help me book this?

A: Unfortunately, none of the major cruise lines we work with (Princess, Holland America, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity) go to Dutch Harbor or the Pribilof Islands. The Alaska Marine Highway, our state ferry system, does go to Dutch Harbor and other neighboring communities in the Aleutians. We do not book the ferry. We recommend making your reservations through Alaska Ferry Adventures.

Dutch Harbor to Seattle by Car

Q: How do I find out how much it cost to go from Dutch Harbor to Seattle by car?

A: To get from Dutch Harbor to Seattle with a vehicle you would need to utilize the Alaska Marine Highway system. We do not book the ferry system, but Alaska Ferry Adventures can guide you in finding the right ferries and schedules for your trip.

Getting to Alaska

Q: To get to Alaska from the lower 48 is one required to travel by airline?

A: Flying to Alaska is the most popular and quickest way to get to Alaska, but it is not your only option. We recommend taking a 7-day Gulf of Alaska Cruise. Other options include driving to Alaska on the Alcan Highway through Canada or driving to Washington and taking the ferry on the Alaska Marine Highway.

Whittier to Valdez Day Trip

Q: Can you travel by bus to Whittier from Anchorage, board the Alaska Ferry, travel to Valdez then back, board a bus back to Anchorage all in one day?

A: Unfortunately there aren’t any buses that run daily between Anchorage and Whittier. Your best option would be renting a car in Anchorage and leaving it in Whittier for the day. Your other option would be to rent a car, board the ferry in Whittier with the car and then drive from Valdez back to Anchorage. It would be a long day trip but you would see some incredible scenery! Visit Alaska Ferry Adventures for ferry schedules. If you decide to drive be sure to invest in The Milepost, a mile-by-mile guide to the roads in Alaska.

Motorcycling in Alaska

Q: I am thinking of riding my motorcycle up and through Alaska this summer. What condition will the Alcan highway be in? What do I need to know about the whole trip?

A: The best place to get information about the Alcan highway is a mile-by-mile guide to Alaska’s roads and highways called the Milepost. This will give you a better idea of what to expect on the Alcan highway. Once you get into Alaska the roads are not too bad for motorcycles. I have ridden all over the state on a motorcycle – there are some wonderful scenic rides all throughout the state. If you are worried about driving the Alcan highway you could take the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry system. That would allow you to ride within Alaska and avoid any poor conditions on the Alcan Highway.

Car Ferry in Alaska

Q: Can I take a car ferry to go from Juneau or Haines to Whittier, Seward or Anchorage?

A: There is a ferry that you can take your car on to travel around Southeast Alaska and then to Southcentral Alaska. Our company does not book for the ferry, but we would recommend Alaska Ferry Adventures for additional information.

Getting to Alaska Without Flying

Q: I do not fly, is there a way that I can get from Vancouver,BC to Fairbanks, Alaska without taking a long tour?

A: The only ways to get from Vancouver to Alaska other than flying would be driving through on the Alaska-Canada highway or by boat. Cruise ships depart from Vancouver and the Alaska Marine Highway System offers a ferry that departs from Bellingham, Washington which is about 50 miles from Vancouver. If you don’t fly, either of the other two options are much, much longer. There is no way around it because you would be covering an enormous distance. Once in Alaska, you can easily drive around from place to place or utilize the Alaska Railroad that goes as far north as Fairbanks.

Ferry Service Near Anchorage

Q: I want to fly to Juneau and go to Anchorage by boat. Will the ferry take me there?

A: There is no ferry service to Anchorage. However, you could take a ferry to Whittier, then take the Alaska Railroad to Anchorage. If you need assistance with making your reservations, I’d suggest contacting the folks at Alaska Ferry Adventures.

Ferry for Vehicles Between Alaska and Canada

Q: Is there a boat trip that could accommodate motorcycles between Anchorage and Vancouver, Canada?
A: In Alaska, we have a ferry system called the Alaska Marine Highway. You can’t depart from Anchorage, but you could from Whittier which is about an hour drive south from Anchorage. A ferry does travel between Whittier and Bellingham Washington which is a couple hours south of Vancouver, BC.

For assistance with booking the Alaska Marine Highway system, I would suggest contacting Alaska Ferry Adventures. Email their reservations department at

Skagway-Ketchikan Transportation

Q: What is the public transportation from Skagway to Ketchikan?

A: The State operates the Alaska Marine Highway (aka: State Ferry Service) in Southeast Alaska. I would suggest booking and planning your ferry service reservations through Alaska Ferry Adventures.

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