Trip to Prudhoe Bay

Q: I am interested in a one day trip from Denali to Prudhoe Bay and back to Fairbanks. Is this possible?

A: We do not offer a trip like that. I believe you would need to do a private air charter for that type of flight. We have an excellent tour to Prudhoe Bay but it is longer and departs from and returns to Fairbanks. The tour includes three days and two nights. One night is spent in Prudhoe Bay and the other night is spent in Coldfoot. The trip includes an incredible bus ride on the Dalton Highway as well as a flight.

Anchorage to Nome

Q: What is the best way to get from Anchorage to Nome?

A: You can take a tour to Nome with Northern Alaska Tour Company or you can fly direct via Alaska Airlines.

Far North Alaska Hiking

Q: We would like to go on a guided hiking trek to Far North Alaska. Can you help us?

A: Alaska Tour & Travel is not a tour operator, we put together vacation packages (including hotels, transportation and activities) in the interior region of the state including Fairbanks, Denali, Talkeetna, Anchorage, and Seward. I would recommend contacting Northern Alaska Tour Company to see if they have a suggestion. Fairbanks, Alaska is the gateway to the far north so you may want to contact the Fairbanks Visitor website as well.

Prudhoe Bay Tours in 2012

Q: I heard that there are no tours operating to Prudhoe Bay in 2012. Is this true?

A: No! We still offer tours to Prudhoe Bay. It is a two-night, three day trip that travels via air and the Dalton Highway and includes a tour of the Prudhoe Bay oil fields. Holland America and Princess Cruises are not offering tours to Prudhoe Bay in 2012 due a hotel closure. The tour we offer uses different accommodations, so it will operate next summer.

Northern Lights Viewing

Q: We are coming to Alaska in June, where can we see the northern lights?

A: You cannot see the Northern Lights in June because there is too much daylight. In June we average about 18-19 hours of daylight. Occassionally you can view the Northern Lights if you visit Alaska in late August or September. The Arctic Circle Fly/Drive tour departing from Fairbanks at 1pm stops for Aurora viewing from August 22 to September 18th.  Read our blog on the Aurora Borealis for additional information.

Arctic Circle Fuel Stops

Q: Are there any places between Fairbanks and the Arctic Circle that I can refuel my motorcycle?

A: Yes there are. The Yukon River Camp at Mile 56 of the Dalton Highway normally has fuel as does the Coldfoot Camp at mile 175 which is past the Arctic Circle BLM Wayside – not sure where you are planning on turning around. You may want to call them before you go to make sure they’ve had a recent fuel delivery.

Kotzebue Hotels and Flights

Q: What airlines fly into Kotzebue from Anchorage? What hotels are in Kotzebue?

A:    Alaska Airlines offers daily flights to Kotzebue.The primary hotel that visitors stay at in Kotzebue is the Nullagvik Hotel. Please see their website for rates and availability information

Arctic Circle Sign

Q: How many miles is the arctic circle sign from Fairbanks, AK?

A: The Arctic Circle Sign is located at the Arctic Circle BLM Wayside. It is 199 miles north of Fairbanks on the Dalton Highway.

Prudhoe Bay Tours

Q: Could you please advise me if you have any day tours to Prudhoe Bay and the pipeline?

A: The only tour to Prudhoe Bay offered by Alaska Tour & Travel is called the Arctic Ocean Adventure and it  is 3 days, 2 nights and includes Prudhoe Bay and the Alaska Pipeline. It starts and ends in Fairbanks.  We do offer day tours to the Arctic Circle that include the pipeline but not Prudhoe Bay.

Activities in Barrow

Q:What activities are available in Barrow, Alaska during the Summer Solstice? Are there any organized events?

A: The community celebrates the Whaling Festival (Nalukataq). They celebrate that between mid-June to the end of June. For tours in the area, contact Tundra Tours/Top of the World at (907)852-3900.   

Aarigaa 4X4 Tours also offers Tours to Point Barrow. You may contact them at (907)367-3332.

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