Northern Lights Viewing

Q: We are coming to Alaska in June, where can we see the northern lights?

A: You cannot see the Northern Lights in June because there is too much daylight. In June we average about 18-19 hours of daylight. Occassionally you can view the Northern Lights if you visit Alaska in late August or September. The Arctic Circle Fly/Drive tour departing from Fairbanks at 1pm stops for Aurora viewing from August 22 to September 18th.  Read our blog on the Aurora Borealis for additional information.

Arctic Circle Fuel Stops

Q: Are there any places between Fairbanks and the Arctic Circle that I can refuel my motorcycle?

A: Yes there are. The Yukon River Camp at Mile 56 of the Dalton Highway normally has fuel as does the Coldfoot Camp at mile 175 which is past the Arctic Circle BLM Wayside – not sure where you are planning on turning around. You may want to call them before you go to make sure they’ve had a recent fuel delivery.

Arctic Circle Sign

Q: How many miles is the arctic circle sign from Fairbanks, AK?

A: The Arctic Circle Sign is located at the Arctic Circle BLM Wayside. It is 199 miles north of Fairbanks on the Dalton Highway.

Prudhoe Bay Tours

Q: Could you please advise me if you have any day tours to Prudhoe Bay and the pipeline?

A: The only tour to Prudhoe Bay offered by Alaska Tour & Travel is called the Arctic Ocean Adventure and it  is 3 days, 2 nights and includes Prudhoe Bay and the Alaska Pipeline. It starts and ends in Fairbanks.  We do offer day tours to the Arctic Circle that include the pipeline but not Prudhoe Bay.

Arctic Circle Car Rentals

Q: I am coming to Alaska in May for the first time. I want to visit the Arctic Circle, town of Joy. Can I rent a car in Fairbanks and drive the Dalton Highway to this town?
A: Yes, you can but most car agencies will not allow you to drive their vehicles on the Dalton Highway. One that we know will is a local Fairbanks tour company called Northern Alaska Tours.

Meals on Tours to the Arctic

Q: What kind of meals are offered on the Prudhoe Bay and Arctic Circle trips?
A: Meals in Coldfoot and Prudhoe Bay are available for purchase and served buffet-style, they range from $12-$23 for most items.