Trip to Prudhoe Bay

Q: I am interested in a one day trip from Denali to Prudhoe Bay and back to Fairbanks. Is this possible?

A: We do not offer a trip like that. I believe you would need to do a private air charter for that type of flight. We have an excellent tour to Prudhoe Bay but it is longer and departs from and returns to Fairbanks. The tour includes three days and two nights. One night is spent in Prudhoe Bay and the other night is spent in Coldfoot. The trip includes an incredible bus ride on the Dalton Highway as well as a flight.

Prudhoe Bay Tours in 2012

Q: I heard that there are no tours operating to Prudhoe Bay in 2012. Is this true?

A: No! We still offer tours to Prudhoe Bay. It is a two-night, three day trip that travels via air and the Dalton Highway and includes a tour of the Prudhoe Bay oil fields. Holland America and Princess Cruises are not offering tours to Prudhoe Bay in 2012 due a hotel closure. The tour we offer uses different accommodations, so it will operate next summer.

Prudhoe Bay Tours

Q: Could you please advise me if you have any day tours to Prudhoe Bay and the pipeline?

A: The only tour to Prudhoe Bay offered by Alaska Tour & Travel is called the Arctic Ocean Adventure and it  is 3 days, 2 nights and includes Prudhoe Bay and the Alaska Pipeline. It starts and ends in Fairbanks.  We do offer day tours to the Arctic Circle that include the pipeline but not Prudhoe Bay.

Meals on Tours to the Arctic

Q: What kind of meals are offered on the Prudhoe Bay and Arctic Circle trips?
A: Meals in Coldfoot and Prudhoe Bay are available for purchase and served buffet-style, they range from $12-$23 for most items.