Alaska Bear Viewing Day Trips

Q: Do you offer any bear viewing day trips?

A: We do offer two very unique and wonderful bear viewing trips. Depending on when you plan to arrive into the Anchorage area, the dates of said tours will vary. If you plan to arrive between June 15th and July 31st we offer the Redoubt bear viewing flight, which does have a morning and an afternoon departure time. If you are traveling between August 1st and September 15th we recommend the Lake Clark bear viewing flight.

Anchorage or Fairbanks?

Q: Which city would be the best to fly to and use as a hub to visit Alaska – Fairbanks or Anchorage?

A: Anchorage offers a wider variety of airlines and flight options and therefore often leads to cheaper airfares. One option would be to fly into Fairbanks and fly out of Anchorage or vice versa. This leads to less “backtracking” and most airfares now are based on one way fares rather than offering discounts for traveling roundtrip! We have vacation packages that begin in Fairbanks and end in Anchorage.

If you are looking to base yourself in one city and just do day trips I would recommend flying in and out of Anchorage.

Tours from Vancouver to Alaska

Q: Are there are tours from Vancouver to Alaska, through Southeast Alaska, by bus or combination train and bus?

A: There are not any tour services into Alaska by land out of Vancouver. Geography and a lack of roads into the Southeastern Alaska communities prohibits it. The best choice for traveling to Alaska from Vancouver is by cruise ship. This is a great way to see SouthEast Alaska. There are a variety of 7 day cruises to choose from either Seattle or Vancouver.

Custom Alaska Tours

Q: What are the dates for Alaska Tours 3300 and 3121?

A: Our tour packages can start on any day between May 15 and September 10. Our packages are completely customizable to suit your individual travel plans. Only the escorted tour packages (3800) have specific starting dates. Please email us if you would like a quote for either tour package!

Transportation to Alaska

Q: Is there a railway connection between Alaska and Canada?

A: There is not a train that goes through Canada to Alaska. If you do not want to fly to Alaska, you should consider cruising to Alaska or driving the Alcan Highway.

Alaska Packing List

Q: What clothing should I bring for July?

A: I would recommend comfortable, casual things you can layer according to the weather. Bring along jeans, slacks, sweaters, sweatshirts, t-shirts (short and long sleeve), and comfortable walking shoes. A light waterproof jacket is a must! You may also want to pack a pair of shorts as the weather in interior Alaska can get warm in July.

Bugs in Alaska

Q: When are the bugs the worst? I will be on a motorcycle touring Alaska and Canada.

A: Generally, bugs tend to be worse earlier rather than later in the summer. Mosquitos tend to be at their peak from early June through the middle of July. It really does vary throughout the state and what type of insect is hatching.

Escorted Alaska Vacation Packages

Q: Do you offer any escorted Alaska tour packages?

A: We do offer two different fully escorted tours, one is 6 nights and one is 9 nights. The Alaska Explorer 6 night tour starts in Fairbanks and ends in Anchorage. The 9 night Grand Alaska tour is the only one that starts and ends in Anchorage. These tours offer a variety of rail and bus transportation with the same travel group and escort. Hotels, tours, transportation and some meals are included.

Child Rates in Alaska

Q: What is the age limit for child rates?

A: The child rate applies for children 11 years old and under.

Alaska in October

Q: What do you think about Alaska in October?

A: I’m assuming you are considering traveling to Alaska in October. It’s a tough time of year to come as Autumn has come and gone, but winter isn’t necessarily upon us fully yet. Temperatures will be near or under freezing and daylight hours are dwindling. Most of the summer tour companies shut down by mid-September, and in October the winter activities will not be available yet. Fishing is also done for the season if that is an interest.

Ultimately, whether it is a good time to come to Alaska depends on what you are seeking to do. Please visit our blog for our recommendations on the best time to visit Alaska.

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