Rainy Season in Homer

Q: When is the rainy season in Homer?

A: Unfortunately, Alaska does not have a predictable rainy season as the weather up here is very unpredictable. Please visit our weather blog for more information on what to expect from Alaska’s summer weather!

Alaska Halibut Fishing

Q: Is it possible to plan a halibut trip while on a land and sea cruise?

A: There are many great destinations for halibut fishing in Alaska. While on the cruise, halibut fishing is available in Juneau and Ketchikan. You can check the shore excursions offered by your cruise line for fishing trips that coordinate with the ships port schedule. While on the land portion of your trip, halibut fishing is available in Seward and Homer. We recommend the Seward Fish House. We do not book any halibut fishing excursions but Alaska Tour & Travel can create a land package that coordinates with your cruise and can include stays in Homer or Seward to accommodate the fishing trip.

Return Visitor Destinations

Q: This is my second trip to Alaska, do you have any suggestions if I want to visit someplace new?
A: Great options for places to visit on your second trip to Alaska are the Wrangell St. Elias National Park area and the lower Kenai Peninsula area where the town of Homer is located.