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Denali in a Day

Q: We want to go to Denali Park from Anchorage and return the same day. Is this possible using the train to and bus from?

A: There is no way to get from Anchorage to Denali and back in the same day using a combination of bus and train. It is 8 hours one way on the train, and 6 hours one way driving and the schedules don’t connect. You can go roundtrip to Denali in one day using the Express service of the Park Connection Motorcoach [1] but this is not a trip we would recommend. These transportation services just take you to the entrance to Denali National Park. To truly experience the park, you need to travel the Park Road. I would recommend that you spend at least two nights in Denali [2]. This will allow one full day to take a bus tour [3] into the park to see the unique scenery and wildlife that Denali National Park is known for.