Denali National Park Tours from McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge

Q: We booked our trip through a travel agent. I noticed we are staying at McKinley Princess Lodge, but have a McKinley Glacier Landing by Airplane tour with a pickup from the McKinley Chalets. Transportation to McKinley Chalets is at our own expense. We were wondering how far we have to go and if McKinley Princess Lodge has a shuttle to go their or if we have to rent a vehicle. ?
A: McKinley Princess Lodge is located at Mile 133 of the Parks Highway in an area known as Denali State Park. The McKinley Chalets is located at Mile 238 of the Parks Highway just outside the entrance to Denali National Park. There are no transportation options from McKinley Princess to the McKinley Chalets that you can take for a day trip. If you wanted to do flightseeing from McKinley Princess Lodge, you would be much better off booking a flightseeing tour out of Talkeetna which is located about an hour south of McKinley Princess Lodge. Princess does operate a shuttle from McKinley Princess down to Talkeetna which they charge a $10 fee to utilize..

McKinley Princess has beautiful views of Mt. McKinley but there is no access to the Park. But, there are some great day excursions that can be taken from McKinley Princess such as kayaking or hiking at Byer’s Lake. We book McKinley Princess but only in combination with a stay near Denali National Park as well. That way they can take a tour into the Park such as the Tundra Wilderness Tour or Kantishna Wilderness Tour


  1. marilyn scolari
    August 27th, 2010 | 7:05 am

    Is it more senic to take the princess glass top train or a bus to Denali. How long does it take on each.

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