Denali to Whittier By Bus

Q: Is it possible to catch a coach from Denali to Whittier to arrive in Whittier in time to depart at 11.30pm by ferry? Our ferry date is the 4th of June, 2012.

A: The Park Connection only goes to Whittier on Princess cruise ship days. Luckily, the 4th of June is a cruise ship day, so we would be able to get you from Denali to Whittier in one day. We generally leave Denali about 8am and arrive into Anchorage about 1:30-2pm. Then we depart from Anchorage at 3pm for Whittier. It is only about 60 miles. We travel through the Whittier tunnel during the 4:30-4:45pm opening and arrive in Whittier about 5:00pm.

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