Alaska Tours’ Car Seat Requirements

Q: I’m bringing my kids to Alaska for a family vacation, do I need to bring car seats?

A: The State of Alaska laws requires children to be properly secured in federally approved car seats or booster seats. Children who are not yet one year old or who do not yet weigh 20 pounds must be properly secured in a federally approved rear-facing car seat. For children who weigh more than 20 pounds who are younger than 5 years old, the law requires that the child be properly secured in a car seat. Children who are over 4 years old and less than 8 years old, weigh more than 20 pounds but less than 65 pounds and are shorter than 57 inches tall must ride in a booster seat or other appropriate child restraint system.

Some motorcoach transportation, such as The Park Connection, do not need to to have car seats but it is very common in Alaska for tour operators to use traditional “school” buses and vans that have seat belts installed. Tours into Denali National Park all require the use of child car seats. In those cases, child restraint systems are required. Most tour operators do not provide the required car seats so if you are coming to Alaska on a family tour you’ll want to bring your car seat from home to avoid any last minute hassles or delays on being able to go on tours.

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