Independent Alaska Travel

Q: Are your tours for a group of people or a couple of people at one time? How do you get from one point to another?

A: Most of our tours are considered self-guided tours. This means that you are traveling as an individual throughout your trip. This allows you to customize your trip exactly how you want. Your tours and transportation will be with other independent travelers. We provide very detailed information on your trip 45 days in advance by mail. It will have all of the addresses, phone numbers and information on what to do when you arrive. All of the hotels we work with will offer courtesy shuttles to and from the rail depot and to and from the airport. For any of the scheduled activities they will either depart from your hotel or the hotel will provide a shuttle to get you where you need to be for the tour.

We do offer a few escorted tours. These would be as a group moving together, with a driver, as well as a tour guide to assist throughout the tour.

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