Kantishna Experience Bus Tour

Q: On the Kantishna Experience bus tour, how often are the rest stops for rest rooms? How often are photo stops?

A: The Kantishna Experience Tour is between 11-12 hours long. You spend most of the time touring by bus through the park with ample stops for wildlife sightings and scenery along the way. The stops along the way is what makes the tour so long, because you are only covering 92 miles each way. At many of the stops you can get off the bus to take pictures. There are several restroom breaks, the longest time in between a restroom break is about two hours. It may be shorter – it just depends on how many times you stop for wildlife viewing. I always recommend using the restroom facilities even if you don’t feel the need to at the time of the stop. It is a long day on a bus but the trip to Kantishna offers the best opportunity to see wildlife.

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