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Northern Lights Viewing in Fairbanks

Q: I will be flying into Fairbanks in March. I want to rent a car and drive outside the city to watch the Northern Lights. How far do I need to drive and what is the best road to take so I can pull off and watch them? Are there designated viewing areas?

A: There aren’t any “designated” viewing areas. The key to finding a good location is to find a place where lights from Fairbanks aren’t affecting the darkness of the sky above you. There are many areas in the Fairbanks area which are good viewing areas…assuming the Northern Lights are out. Another suggestion is to find an area which sits up a little higher than the lights from the city such as the Birch Hill Recreation Area. Better yet, ask the hotel where you are staying at for their suggestions. Many of the hotels will also wake you up when the Northern Lights are out.

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