The Denali Highway

Q: Are there any car rental companies in Anchorage that will allow me to drive the Denali Highway?
A: We don’t believe any of the car rental companies authorize use of their vehicles on the Denali Highway. What this means is that if you were to break down your “officially” on your own to get the vehicle back to either the Parks or Richardson Highway, any damage waivers or insurance that you purchased through the car rental company would be voided. So, essentially you’d be traveling at your own risk. You’d also want to have a real spare tire, not one that is good for only short distances.

A side note, on a clear day the trip across the Denali Highway is a great trip. But if the weather is not good, and if there has been a lot of rain recently, it’s not worth it as its prone to flooding. The highway is open only during summer months, typically from June through August but early snow fall could close the highway sooner. The 134 mile Denali Highway usually takes a minimum of 4 1/2 hours to cross in a SUV, longer in a motor-home or smaller vehicle.

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